Edge of Sweetness Bakery Unveils a Unique Shared Kitchen Concept

November 29, 2016


Edge of Sweetness Bakery Unveils a Unique Shared Kitchen Concept
Giving Chicago chefs an alternative to traditional shared kitchen model

Chicago, Illinois, November 29, 2016 – Edge of Sweetness Bakery announced today that they will offer shared kitchen space in their bakery and coffee shop located in the Edgewater neighborhood of Chicago.

Chefs Kate Merrill and Paige Tyler, co-owners of the start-up bakery and cafe, met last year in a Chicago shared kitchen while building their individual bakery brands. They quickly joined forces to create Edge of Sweetness - a full service bakery and coffee shop located in the Edgewater neighborhood of Chicago. With 3,200 square feet of retail and kitchen space, the chefs plan to offer event space for parties and cooking classes, as well as several shared kitchen work stations.

As they prepare for their retail bakery opening in early 2017, Merrill and Tyler are inviting other budding chefs into their kitchen - a way to give back to peer chefs just starting out.

“We know how hard it is to get started,” explains Merrill, “and we want to give other culinary-related small business owners a place where they can grow.”

Their goal is to foster a supportive atmosphere where chefs can collaborate and share best practices while building their individual brands. “That was ultimately what brought Paige and I together to form our own bakery.” states Merrill.

“The vision while creating our shared kitchen space was to take into consideration all the things we loved about the shared kitchen environment, and also look for areas where it might make sense to deviate from the traditional pricing and operational model,” explains Tyler.

Edge of Sweetness will offer dedicated kitchen stations for rent on a monthly basis versus an hourly rate, so clients can dedicate the amount of time needed to build their business without watching a clock. Kitchen space is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

“We also think it’s important that chefs have a dedicated work space that houses their own tools, small equipment, and the ingredients they need for their specific business, “say Merrill. “Having a dedicated  workspace allows chefs to better hone their skills in a consistent environment, much like having their “own” kitchen” space.”

Shared kitchen items among all chefs working at Edge of Sweetness include baking ovens, dish washing area, hand sinks, and restrooms. Cooler and freezer space will also be available for monthly rental. Several chefs have already committed to working in the shared kitchen space and the retail bakery construction is underway.

Edge of Sweetness announced earlier this month that it is raising funds via a rewards crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo to finish the development of their local bakery and coffee shop. The company set out to raise $30,000 on IndieGoGo to purchase and install two pieces of large bakery equipment - a double stack convection oven and a walk-in cooler/freezer.

The Edge of Sweetness Indiegogo campaign link: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/be-the-cherry-on-top-for-edge-of-sweetness--2/x/15435388#/

“The great news is that Edge of Sweetness in currently under construction and slated to open around the new year, explains Tyler, “We have personally invested over $200,000 towards building permits, architectural plans, construction costs and the purchase of bakery equipment. We just need help getting two of our remaining large pieces of equipment.”

Contributors to the campaign select a contribution dollar amount between $25 and $1,000 that aligns with a corresponding reward or “perk” package. These perks include baked goods and coffee packages, bakery logo items, and experiential cooking classes, and a pop-up dinner.


Edge of Sweetness Bakery

Paige Tyler (Co-Owner) 312-505-4241
Kate Merrill (Co-Owner 773-480-6030
Twitter: https://twitter.com/edgeofsweetness
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/edgeofsweetness/?hl=en
Crowdfunding campaign: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/be-the-cherry-on-top-for-edge-of-sweetness--2/x/15435388#/ 




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