Kate Merrill, Co-owner/Pastry Chef

Kate Merrill and her family

Kate was born, raised and lives in Chicago with her supportive husband and three active children. Kate has worked as a Registered Nurse at a west side Chicago hospital for over 18 years which provides a very fast paced work environment. Kate also enjoys being involved with her children's school and the community.

Kate began baking with her Great Grandmother when she was a little girl.  Her Grandma Martin made the best oatmeal cookies which they would bake during their visits from Iowa.  It was difficult to wait for the visits to taste amazing cookies again so Kate started to bake on her own, attempting to replicate the wonderful cookies they created together.  Through her experiments she was able to perfect her own oatmeal cookie that has become a staple at events.  Kate's love for baking continues with her children and has since blossomed into Kate’s Cookies and now Edge of Sweetness.  Kate's children love to bake (and sample) together and are her biggest supporters.  

Years ago, Kate's sister discovered she had a gluten intolerance and complained of the difficulties finding a really good gluten-free cookie.  Kate took that as a challenge and set out to create delicious gluten-free products.   When her sister tasted the gluten free oatmeal raisin cookie she said it tasted just like she remembered, her niece with celiac disease since the age of one stated, "this is the best cookie I have ever had."  It is Kate's personal mission to bring only the best tasting products to the community, made with the same love Kate has when baking with her family.  

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